Pairing Wine with Spicy Food…Do’s and Don’ts has posted an article about pairing wine with spicy food that goes beyond the standard recommendation of “sweet and white.” Wine and spirits specialist Jordan MacKay recommends selecting a wine with a flavor profile that compliments the characteristics of the specific chile being used in a dish. And that wine could even be red. Read more:  “On Pairing Wine with Spicy Food.”

Paul Blow

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3 Responses to Pairing Wine with Spicy Food…Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Check out my youtube video “Matching Wine with Spicy Food”

    Blog post on this


    Warren Edwardes

  2. Lois Manno says:

    Hi Warren,
    Thanks for the instructive animated tidbit on pairing alcohol with curries! For more musings about wine, curries, and maybe politics or cricket, visit Warren’s blog

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