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Cinder: aka, Robochef

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If you’re the sort of person who likes perfectly cooked food but aren’t willing to work for it at home, Cinder may be the droid you’re looking for. It’s what happens when a smart phone mates with a George Foreman grill. Minus the post-coital robocuddling, naturally. Cinder essentially gives cooks computer-precise control over their food.

The cooker monitors temperature to a “T” while providing even heat over the surface of your food. Supposedly, this ‘bot is so precise, there’s only a two degree temp variance across its cooking surfaces. You control Cinder via an app. Just tell it what dish you’re making and it does the rest. Except coach your eating etiquette. Given how some robots work for that sort of thing, that’s probably a good place to draw the line.

Chew quietly with your mouth closed. You have 30 seconds to comply.

Chew quietly with your mouth closed. You have 30 seconds to comply.

If all goes according to plan, Cinder will hit the market next year.

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