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All Spice Cafe: Fun with Chipotle Tapenade Burgers

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As interesting characters at the Fiery Foods Show go, JD Cowles ranks near the top of the list. He’s usually rocking a dyed goattee and ‘stache while showing off the latest and greatest spicy offerings from his All Spice Cafe in Venice Beach, California. JD’s been going to the show for at least as long as I have, so he knows his way around making great spicy sauces, snacks, and more. Like his Chipotle Olive Tapenade.

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Hell, yeah, we talk about Fight Club

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Hog Heaven, located adjacent to Centennial Park in downtown Nashville, is literally a hole in the wall BBQ joint. While there are a few “outdoor” tables most of the business is takeout with folks enjoying the hickory-smoked meats in the park. What makes Hog Heaven unique is they make a white barbecue sauce that is absolutely fantastic for poultry.

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The Italian Job: Adding a Little Mojo to Grilled Sausage Sammiches

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Usually when you hear the word “tapenade” spoken while watching football or basketball, it’s grounds for revoking one’s man card. This tradition goes back to the cavemen, who, not having olive spread handy, never used it on charred mammoth. Thus, a tasty sammich spread never found its way into the manly lexicon of acceptable condiments (unlike ketchup and mustard, which as we all know, occurred naturally in large pools back then—I saw that on Fox News, so it must be true).