Pickled Habaneros

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I have a habanero problem. Not the normal addiction issue (although I do loves myself some hab). My dilemma involves gardening. I have more habanero peppers than I know what to do with. With Christmas rounding third base and heading for home, I’m pickling a bunch of them as gifts. Here’s the recipe I’m using from our sister site, Fiery Foods and Barbecue Central.

Recipe: Smoked Pumpkin Chili

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I also raised sugar pumpkins from seed, coaxing a dozen good ones from some top soil in the Los Angeles heat. There’s plenty more harvesting to be done, but if the early Halloween candy at my supermarket is any indication, fall is looming just up ahead. That’s why my first experiment with all this bounty is smoked pumpkin chili.

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Grilled Sausageplants!

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My wife Renate and I have lived in Italy for two years now, but we still keep finding new veggies at the local farmers’ markets. Like these eggplants, which would be more appropriately named sausage plants! In Italy they’re called “melanzane perline”, or just “melanzane lungo”.

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Making a Pumpkin Smoker

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Three years ago, I started turning monster pumpkins into smokers for Halloween. Not only was it a good excuse to play with freakishly large vegetables, it was an even better excuse to put an attractive woman into a devil outfit and take pictures for the blog. I also like the idea of food that smokes itself. The basic idea was simple. Clean out the pumpkin, cut holes in the top and bottom, and place it over a small electric hot plate as the basis for the smoker.