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The Great Montezuma Hot Chocolate Drink

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“Everybody wants some… I want some too…” Van Halen wasn’t talking about hot chocolate when they wrote that but they might as well have been. Chocolate gets associate with sex more often than Craigslist. This hot chocolate is about as close as you can get to what they were singing about without getting buck nekkid and arguing over who gets to go downstairs for sandwiches and cigarettes afterward. We have Richard Sterling to thank for this wonderful libation. You’ll find it and more in this holiday spicy beverage guide at our sister site.

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Smoked Pumpkin and Dark Rum Shakes

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Pumpkin-infused dark rum is pretty out there, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Overall, I liked the way it came out but make sure you don’t overdo it on the pumpkin. Too much of it and you’ll lose most of the rum or have to squeeze it out! This time, I made milkshakes with it at a friend’s party. The hardest part? Meeting demand. I made alcoholic milkshakes for ten people before I ran out. Here are the recipes for both the smoky pumpkin-infused rum and the shakes that followed.

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Mint Julep: Cocktail How-to

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very year at Kentucky Derby time, you start to see Mint Julep recipes popping up in your social feeds. The great thing about the Julep is that it’s got a very simple ingredient list: bourbon sugar, and mint, but the steps for preparing a Julep, and the required tools, can be quite overwhelming. I’ve provided all the steps here, with all the proper tools, to make an official Julep, but feel free to adjust for your budget and laziness accordingly. I’ve provided Amazon links to everything I used below, and while none of this is required, it’ll really help you to make a proper Julep.