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Totally Q: An Insider’s Look at the Crazy World of BBQ

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After a lot of work by a small group of dedicated and hardworking people, my new book Totally Q is being released. The book is a massive collection of barbecue tidbits, scraps, leftovers and burnt ends that no serious outdoor cook should be without. It is a compilation of assorted facts, figures, and fairy tales all emanating from the outdoor cooking arena in some way or another.

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For Carnivores Only: The Meating Place of Smoke & Spice

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By Dave DeWitt and Nancy Gerlach The first outdoor cook to use chile peppers during a barbecue was Jaguar Claw, a somewhat hen-pecked paleo-Native American who lived in the Amazon Basin about 20,000 years ago. He had dispatched his prey with his spear, had butchered the world’s largest rodent with his new flint carving knife into chunks, and was contemplating …