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Elevate Portable Grill: Burn! Tested

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I have a lot of grills and smokers – I mean really a lot. I recently received something new that I didn’t have: a portable “Elevate Grill” by PointElevate. I’ve used the throw-away kind (the one that looks like a large aluminum turkey pan that is pre-filled with charcoal) at the pond for an impromptu cookout but the Elevate Grill is a real grill with two cooking surfaces powered by a small propane tank.

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The BBQ Guru’s Bob Trudnak: Interview

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The BBQ Guru’s Bob Trudnak and I have played phone tag for an interview for years. This is mostly my fault but we finally nailed down a Q&A session earlier this week. He’s the main man for The BBQ Guru’s competition team and I asked him about moving into barbecue, what he likes to make, and his plans for getting into the World Food Championships so he can add a second WFC rib win to his belt.

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Bradley’s 2-Rack Compact Smoker: Review

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Over the last year, I’ve been test driving Bradley’s 2-rack Compact Convection Smoker. Being an apartment dweller in a huge city, the idea of an electric smoker the size of a microwave oven sounded like a winner. No big bags of briquets to store, no propane bottles to deal with, just plug it in, heat it up, and let it do its thing.

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Cool Coasters From PopsQtool

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I’ve written about the multi-function six-in-one grilling tool from PopsQtool. For $50 you get everything you need…a spatula, fork, knife, grate cleaner, tong and bottle opener. I have one and use it all the time. But what’s really neat is the company also makes laser cut coasters that can be adorned with your BBQ team logo or whatever you’d like on them (aside from sports team logos).