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Hunting Chicken of the Woods in Alaska

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Late August is the time of year when the day-glo orange-and-yellow fungus called Chicken of the Woods crops up on the dead and dying trees in the deep woods. I recently had the pleasure of spending a few days wandering the forest around Juneau, Alaska, where I went hunting for some of this edible mushroom.

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Celebrate Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

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Story and Photos by Rick Browne Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities on earth, having traveled there more than 18 times over the years. I enjoyed three months of living there while I worked on a photojournalism book about the island and its people, entitled Hong Kong: Here Be Dragons. That time was spent eating the best Chinese …

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Snacking on the Indonesian Oddity

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Words and Photos by Robert Staudhammer As I wandered the bustling streets Yogyakarta, Indonesia, I caught word of a rather interesting local delicacy. In the open markets crowding the edges of the famed Malioboro street, I started my search. My imagination pushed forward my tired feet and eventually, in a confluence of pantomime, optimistic suggestion, and a dose of good …