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Goulash Soup

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Sharon Hudgins’ is one of our best contributors. Her travel work is top notch. Earlier this week, we ran her Baltic Bites feature at Fiery Foods & Barbecue Central’s week and this Goulash Soup was blatantly snatched from that story as an example of her work.

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DIY Sriracha Sauce

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A table condiment to similar in appearance to ketchup–but much more
pungent–sriracha sauce is named after a seaside town in Thailand.
Increasingly popular, this sauce is found on the tables of Thai and
Vietnamese restaurants all over North America. Fresh red chiles are the
key to the flavor of this recipe

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Sangrita de Chapala (Chapala’s Little Bloody Drink)

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This particular version of sangrita, or “little bloody drink,” comes from Chapala, Mexico, where the bartenders have not succumbed to the temptation of adding tomato juice to this concoction, as the norteamericanos do. The bloody color comes from the grenadine, so this is truly a sweet heat drink that is also salty. Some people take a sip of tequila after each swallow of sangrita, while others mix one part tequila to four parts sangrita to make a cocktail.

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Oven-roasted Potatoes Sprinkled with Rosemary, Garlic, and Peperoncino Powder

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Potatoes are an industry standard when it comes to holiday cooking. They’re the bricks for building comfort food. Whipping up good mashed spuds isn’t exactly quantum physics. Transforming them into something special to be remembered, though, well, there’s a touch of art to that. Or you can use this Italian oven-roasted version from our Italian holiday feast feature.

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Panpepato (Spicy Chocolate-flavored Christmas Bread)

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The turkey’s gone, the stupidity that is Black Friday is behind us, and now we’re on to Christmas. Your food options are a little more freestyle than Thanksgiving’s now. If you’re looking to get away from ham, geese, and mashed potatoes, how about going Italian? Dave DeWitt ran a whole Italy-style holiday feast in this feature story, and this Panpepato (Spicy Chocolate-flavored Christmas Bread) recipe was just one of the wonderful options from which to choose.