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Ask Chef Mike: Salt Slab Grilling

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Q: What do you think about cooking on a salt slab and what would you use one for?
A: Salt slab cooking has become the latest “trendy” way to cook food… similar to the way plank cooking and “stone grill” cooking was a few years ago. The concept is simple: you preheat a block of Himalayan salt to a screaming high temperature on your grill, oven or stovetop and cook whatever you like. During cooking, the food picks up salt from the block so you don’t need to salt your food before cooking.

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Judgment Day(s)

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“What about becoming a bbq judge? I want that job!” My best friend said that while we were watching the first season of Barbecue Pit Masters. To the uninitiated, judging a barbecue competition seems like a simple matter of sampling all the food at an event, deciding which tasted the best, and succumbing to a food coma. Not really. The …