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Hot Sauce Sales Hit New High

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Earlier this week, we talked about how hot sauce has hit the mainstream market with great vengeance and furious anger, with over 50% of American homes having one flavor or another of it on hand. Statista, the Statistics Portal, says that “hot sauce sales are the eighth-fastest growing industry in the U.S. Sales were $1.07 billion in 2012 and are projected to be $1.32 billion in 2017.”

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Firewater: Beverage Etiquette Solved at Last

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The other day Burn! barbecue contributor extraordinaire Mike Stines and I were talking about The Pope of Peppers and just how much more he knows about chile peppers than we ever will. Dave never ceases to surprise me and now he’s solved a modern problem faced by many a chilehead: what beverage in the blue Hell is right to serve with spicy food?

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Hot and Sour Halibut

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I love halibut but in some ways it’s the boring sex life of seafood. Mild of flavor and straightforward without a lot of kinks, it’s usually satisfying for one of the two parties involved. You gotta spice halibut up to keep it interesting. Dave and Mike ran a great flounder recipe in an Asian seafood story on the Super Site so I adapted it for halibut. It packs a real healthy burn, too.

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La Dolce Vita en Bardolino

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For the past few days we have been staying with our good friends Harald and Renate Zosche in their house beside Lake Garda in Bardolino, Italy. Here are some of the delicacies we’ve been indulging in. More goodies in next week’s newsletter. Ciao!