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Precious Cargo Wins Major Book Award

cargoThe International Association of Culinary Professionals' (IACP) Cookbook Awards took place this Sunday in Washington, DC. Dave's Precious Cargo: How Foods from the Americas Changed the World was a finalist in the Culinary History category. Continue reading
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2015 Fiery Foods Show: Post-Game Wrap Up

IMG_9255Much like Godzilla, the National Fiery Foods Show has gone back to sleep after wreaking a little havoc. Both show up briefly, set things ablaze, and then leave. Both take place in cities with great food. Both have made at least 26 appearances. Continue reading
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Lab Rats of the 2015 Fiery Foods Show

editedThe 2015 Fiery Foods Show is in my rear view mirror but product reviews are where my real fun begins. I was going to say "work" instead of "fun." That would be lying, though. Tasting and experimenting with the 26 sauces, rubs, and more that came back with me from the show is far closer to grown-up kindgergarten than digging a ditch. Continue reading
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DISC-IT: And the Winner Is…

winnerOne highlight of every Fiery Foods Show is the DISC-IT giveaway. That's when DISC-IT founder and front man Nevin Montano draws the name of one lucky entrant to take home a brand new DISC-IT grill. This year's winner was Evan Nevarez of Roswell, NM. He couldn't make it back to the show so his brother picked it up for him. This wasn't DISC-IT's only big news from the 2015 National Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show, though. Continue reading
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