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Grilled Garlic: Appetizer Crack

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Leftover garlic is a crime. Or, in my case, a myth. It’s my catnip. Whenever I have some lying around after grilling or barbecuing, I’ll make whatever excuse I need to cook it up and eat it. Like any honest addict, I eventually gave up the pretense and started mainlining it. Instead of a spoon and lighter, though, I use a grill and a spatula for mainlining my drug of choice. Grilled garlic is one of the easiest appetizers ever.

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The Gilroy Garlic Festival: Vampire-Free for 35 Years

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I love the Gilroy Garlic Festival almost as much as I do our own National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show. For the last thirty five years, California’s garlic hub, Gilroy, has hosted an annual event dedicated to The Stinking Rose (aka garlic). The event was founded way back in 1979 by Dr. Rudy Melone, Val Filice, and Don Christopher. Mostly likely as a way to celebrate garlic and raise money for charities, not so much as a way to deal with Northern California’s notorious vampire infestation.