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12 Brazilian Recipes to Honor the World Cup

brazilian-steaksBefore the World Cup started, I thought it would be a good idea to present a selection of Brazilian recipes, in honor of the WC's host country. But then I forgot about it. With the WC entering its hot phase, below is the list of Brazilian recipes on Fiery Foods & BBQ that I've assembled over the years. Just click on a title to see the recipe. Continue reading
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Green Chile Stew with Smoked Pork

Green chile stew...a New Mexico classic.You can't beat a hearty bowl of green chile stew on a cold winter night. Try this version with smoked pork and New Mexican green chiles! Continue reading
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The Great Pastrami Experiment

You can make your own homemade pastrami! Here's an easy how-to.Basically, pastrami is what you get when you smoke a side of corned beef, instead of boiling it. After doing some research online and talking to German friends who had attempted it, we decided to give pastrami-making a try. Continue reading
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Dave DeWitt’s Chile Podcasts Continue

dave podcast logosquareHey all you folks out there in what passes these days for Radio Land! The Pope of Peppers has a new installment of his his weekly podcast: an interview with chilehead and entrepreneur Harald Zoschke, who founded Germany’s first retail … Continue reading
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