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The Spice Wars

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During the Roman empire, the spice trade was dominated by the Arabs. Their ships sailed from the Red Sea to India, where they bought spices carried by Malay traders from the Spice Islands.

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Sambal Paste 101

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Sambals—those unique, chile-infused sauces—play a huge role in Southeast Asian cooking, as often one will make its appearance at the beginning of the meal as an ingredient and another during the meal as a condiment.

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The Earliest Mole Sauce

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Why wouldn’t the cooks of the prehistoric, ash-covered village of Cerén in El Salvador have developed sauces to serve over meats and vegetables? After all, there is evidence that curry mixtures were in existence thousands of years ago in what is now India, and we have to assume that Native Americans experimented with all available ingredients. Perhaps this mole sauce …