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Grilled Crab-Stuffed Cherry or Jalapeno Peppers

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We don’t usually think about grilling pickled peppers, but for some reason they turn out great. Just remember not to over-grill the peppers or they may blacken on the outside. Note that although some commercial cherry peppers are called “hot” by the manufacturers, they are usually rather mild. This recipe is reminiscent of the wonderful canned stuffed jalapeños from Mexico–in fact, this recipe works with pickled jalapeños as well.

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Jalapenos:Can Canned Heat Be Modified?

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A reader recently emailed us, asking if there was a way to tone down the heat level in the canned jalapenos called for his chile relleno recipe. Sadly, there is no way to cool ’em down, since they’ve been processed for canning. What you can do, is substitute milder canned chiles. We recommend New Mexico or Anaheim peppers, which are much milder but still packed with flavor.

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Cream of Jalapeno Soup with Chicken

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Really, fall could just as easily be called “soup season.” All the kids are back at school, spreading cold germs as fast as their noses can run, and sharing the bounty with their parents and teachers. Who, in spite of their heroic defense, succumb eventually. Dave DeWitt’s Fall Into Spicy Soups article is a great primer on soup in general. His Cream of Jalapeno Soup with Chicken, though, is tasty whether you’re sick or not.