Quick Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
  1. I used Trader Joe’s pre-cooked bacon and was very satisfied with the result because the bacon was just the right consistency to roll without breaking. However, if you already have bacon in the fridge, either bake it or fry it slowly until most of the fat renders out but the strips do not become crisp. Dry on paper towels before rolling into the dough.
  2. Open the package of cinnamon rolls and unroll each strip of dough. Lay bacon along the length of the roll. If the bacon hangs over the edges a bit, that’s fine as it will crisp up in the oven.
  3. Re-roll the cinnamon rolls, place them on a cookie sheet, and bake following directions on the can. You may choose to add a couple of minutes to the baking if they aren’t golden enough.
  4. Let the rolls cool on a wire rack, ice, and serve.
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