Tacos de Arrachera con Chipotle Salsa
Tacos de Arrachera
  1. In a charcoal grill using mesquite or oak charcoal, cook the meat that has been salted to your taste over coals (avoid flames).
  2. Once the meat is ready remove and heat the tortillas on the grill. Slice the meat and make tacos adding slices of avocado and salsa on top.
  3. Place more tortillas over the coals until they become tostadas. Reserve. Once you are done with the meat, prepare yourself some tostadas with avocado or guacamole or salsa. Cerveza improves the experience.
Chipotle Salsa
  1. Mix the ingredients in a molcajete or a blender (pulse mode) avoiding a purée consistency. A rough texture is desired.
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