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Burn! Tested: The popsQtool

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I recently received a popsQtool from and it’s a great multipurpose tool for backyard cookers. The two laser cut utensils combine a spatula, fork, serrated knife, bottle opener and grill cleaner. When the fork and spatula sections are joined, the two tools become tongs. How can you go wrong with that combination? Six tools in one!

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The Burn’ed Christmas List Part III: The Silence of the List

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Like my holiday shopping, part three of our list comes later than it should and it’s totally my fault. Between slaying fish near Kirimati with my folks for ten days, writing bike features for Hot Bike and Baggers magazines, shooting Harley Claus at Bartels Harley-Davidson, and other blog posts here, the list got pushed back until Lois finally put me in a pit and said, “It writes the list or else it gets the hose again.” I agreed, she tossed me a laptop, and as soon as this post goes live, she’s promised to let me out.