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Pizza Popularity Soars

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Look, we both know we spent the COVID-19 quarantine in the comfort of pizza boxes as we binge watched Marvel movies. All half-joking aside, having the world shut into its homes for over a year was a gold rush for pizza delivery.

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CaJohn’s New Classic Small Batch Sauces | Interview

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The Classic Small Batch line is a return to the pre-superhot days, to recapture what attracted a lot of us to spicy in the first place. Many a chilehead cut his or her tastebuds on the vinegar-and-salt Louisiana-style offerings of Tabasco and the other big boys in the hot sauce world. Classic Small Batch is what happens when a dedicated legend of the chilehead world creates his/her own tabletop hot sauce. Think of Classic Small Batch as a gateway sauce for chiles. The pepper content is higher than you’d find in the mass-produced cousins (42% versus 15% or less). Intrigued by this development, I thought I’d pick CaJohn Hard’s brain about the new lineup.

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Lab Rats of the 2015 Fiery Foods Show

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The 2015 Fiery Foods Show is in my rear view mirror but product reviews are where my real fun begins. I was going to say “work” instead of “fun.” That would be lying, though. Tasting and experimenting with the 26 sauces, rubs, and more that came back with me from the show is far closer to grown-up kindgergarten than digging a ditch.

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West Coast BBQ Classic at the Queen Mary

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Sixty-two teams crossed tongs against one another at this KCBS-sanctioned barbecue brawl. Attendees filled the joint, buying food tickets so they could sample some of the same great barbecue enjoyed by the judges. Admission was pretty fair in my opinion; fifteen bucks seems to be the going rate to browse vendor booths between bouts of stuffing yourself silly on pork and chicken. This was a one-day event on Saturday, May 10th and I really hope next year is just as good.

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The Burn’ed Christmas List Part III: The Silence of the List

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Like my holiday shopping, part three of our list comes later than it should and it’s totally my fault. Between slaying fish near Kirimati with my folks for ten days, writing bike features for Hot Bike and Baggers magazines, shooting Harley Claus at Bartels Harley-Davidson, and other blog posts here, the list got pushed back until Lois finally put me in a pit and said, “It writes the list or else it gets the hose again.” I agreed, she tossed me a laptop, and as soon as this post goes live, she’s promised to let me out.