Lab Rats of the 2015 Fiery Foods Show

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editedThe 2015 Fiery Foods Show is in my rear view mirror but product reviews are where my real fun begins. I was going to say “work” instead of “fun.” That would be lying, though. Tasting and experimenting with the 26 sauces, rubs, and more that came back with me from the show is far closer to grown-up kindgergarten than digging a ditch.

“It Rubs the Hot Sauce on Its Skin or Else It Gets the Hose Again.”
I’m proud to say that all of them survived the plane ride back to Los Angeles. Many thanks to the manufacturers who kicked me these lab rats to poke, prod, cook, and taste in my kitchen and on my grill.  I’ll be running at least one review a week on this here blog, complete with recipes. You’ll find a new one posted every Monday for your consideration. Hopefully, I’ll come up with some cool new uses for my victims these products along the way.

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