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Traeger Grills Launches New Flatrock Grill

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Traeger, Inc. just announced a significant addition to their outdoor cooking experience with the launch of the Flatrock Grill. The Flatrock Grill sets the new standard in the exploding griddle cookware category, while enabling customers to explore an entirely new frontier of flavor through premium, innovative designs, and features.

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As the creator of the wood-pellet grill category, Traeger has become synonymous with game-changing, innovative technologies implemented within its grills to deliver unrivaled flavor and next-level consistency. The same painstaking process that allowed Traeger to significantly disrupt the gas grill market by offering customers a better experience through the use of wood pellets will be implemented into the world of griddles.

Community Effort

“Speaking with our community, we noticed a gap in the marketplace for a premium flat-top grill that, just like our wood-pellet grills, ensures customers achieve incredible results, while creating life-long memories with friends and family,” said Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Grills. “We are diving headfirst into a new category and feel we have the experience and expertise to turn the griddle-cooking world upside down. The Flatrock Grill opens up the Traegerhood to an entirely new menu of foods to complement the tried-and-true favorite dishes of the wood pellet grill.”

This aspirational mindset and desire to innovate through technology is on full display within the Flatrock Grill, which features TruZone temperature control, FlameLock construction, the Pop and Lock (P.A.L) System, and EZ-Clean Keg. The versatility and thoughtful design of the Flatrock Grill allows customers to enhance everyday recipes by achieving deeper flavor and superior sizzle, while making cooking more fun.

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The Flatrock Grill will open customers’ eyes and tastebuds to a whole new world of griddling, searing, frying, steaming, sautéing, and more, while delivering on the innovation and premium quality Traeger has become known for over the past two decades. It will elevate the outdoor cooking experience and instantly become a powerhouse in the griddle category thanks to the following features:


  • TEMPERATURE PRECISION – The TruZone temperature control features three distinct insulated cooking zones, separated by heat shields that go above and beyond to protect heat from bleeding from one zone to another, so you can cook at different temperatures ranging from 350 – 600°F simultaneously, and have everything prepared and timed to perfection.
  • LOCKS IN HEAT, BLOCKS OUT WIND – The FlameLock construction is thoughtfully designed for fuel efficiency, which recesses the cooktop inside the cooking cavity – so you can get more burn for your buck.
  • EVEN HEAT, EVERYWHERE – The U-shaped burners double the direct flame cooking surface and ensure even heat distribution across the entire cooktop, allowing customers to maximize the cook space.
  • NO-HASSLE CLEAN UP The EZ-Clean Keg makes cleaning the Flatrock Grill simpler than ever, grease and drippings collect in an extra-large and easily accessible place for no-hassle post-cook cleanup.
  • NEVER RUN OUT OF FUEL UNEXPECTEDLY – The precise fuel gauge lets you know how much gas is in the tank at all times, so you never run out unexpectedly.
  • MAKE IT YOURS The Pop-And-Lock (P.A.L) accessory rail makes it easy to customize the cook space. The built-in side folding shelves offer extra space for prepping, plating, and more. The hinged lid helps protect the cooking surface when it’s not in use, and it props behind the grill, acting as a backsplash, to protect the backyard kitchen from grease stains.

Find Out More

Priced at $899, The Flatrock Grill will be available at and key retailers across the US and Canada. To learn more about Traeger Grills, please visit or follow them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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