Pizza Popularity Soars

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Look, we both know we spent the COVID-19 quarantine in the comfort of pizza boxes as we binge watched Marvel movies. Okay, fine. *I* spent the COVID-19 quarantine getting better acquainted with my local pizza options. Happy now? At least one of us admitted it.

pizza sales are booming

All half-joking aside, having the world shut into its homes for over a year was a gold rush for pizza delivery. And it was already one of the most popular foods on the planet, even before that. In a recent ABC News piece, Chef Francisco Magoya and former exec Nathan Myhrvold talked about their mammoth undertaking of making over 12,000 pizzas to really dial in what they consider to be the definitive guide to pie: Modernist Pizza.


Weighing in at 35 lbs spread across three volumes, Modernist Pizza packs a 1700-page punch and a $300 price tag. It’s huge any way you slice it. But if you’re a huge fan of pizza and really want to explore what it’s all about, is that really a big price to pay?

totally pizza cover

Cool pizza hat sold separately.

Or if you want something lighter that explores the fun world of sliced flatbread, you could also pick up our 170+ page book on the subject, Totally Pizza: The Wild Story of the World’s Most Famous Food, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, right now.



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