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Dave’s Ask Those Branding Guys Appearance

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Never one to miss a chance to preach the virtues of our National Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show, the Pope of Peppers recently sat down with Jim Glover and Dave Hayduk for the Ask Those Branding Guys radio show, here. It’s an entertaining and informative talk about branding and marketing. Which, as we’ve said earlier, can make the difference between life and death for any new business.

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A Book Every Hot Sauce Maker Should Have

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With us going into the Fiery Foods Show in just a couple of weeks and Dave making the final pushes to pull in attendees, I’m posting about marketing this week. It’s an area that makes or breaks many a spicy product maker looking to take their product from part-time hobby to full-time business. Sara Lancaster and her company The Condiment Marketing Co. specialize in this area. A few weeks ago, she gave us a copy of her latest ebook, Make Your Food Biz Look BIG: A Guide for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Market Like the Pros, for review. Its information is must-have for any hot sauce or condiment maker trying to grow their product into a major business. Here’s why.