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Rib Sauces

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No matter how you cook your ribs – in a smoker, an oven or slow-cooker – a great barbecue sauce can accentuate the flavor. The best sauces for ribs tend to be thick and sticky so they hold to the ribs. Remember that any sauce that contains sugars (like tomatoes do) will burn at temperatures above 265 degrees F. If you are cooking at temperatures above this, wait until the ribs are cooked before applying the sauce. This will prevent burning so you can avoid blackened ribs.

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5 Great Articles for Fledgling Barbecue Smokers

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Over the years Dave DeWitt has collected more hot and spicy stories than a Las Vegas escort service. That’s part of being the Pope of Peppers– you don’t get to wear the name without learning a ton about chile peppers, capsaicin, and, in this case, smoke cooking. Although a lot of Dave’s knowledge makes it into his books, there’s great advice to be had at the Fiery Foods & Barbecue Super Site. Here are just five of the ones good for anyone new (or intermediate) to the sweet art of smoke.