5 Great Articles for Fledgling Barbecue Smokers

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Over the years Dave DeWitt has collected more hot and spicy stories than a Las Vegas escort service. That’s part of being the Pope of Peppers– you don’t get to wear the name without learning a ton about chile peppers, capsaicin, and, in this case, smoke cooking. Although a lot of Dave’s knowledge makes it into his books, there’s great advice to be had at the Fiery Foods & Barbecue Super Site. Here are just five of the ones good for anyone new (or intermediate) to the sweet art of smoke.

primerA Smoking Primer
This one comes from long-time contributor, Mike Stines. If you know nothing about smoke and need a place to start, this is it. Mike gives a detailed overview of charcoal, gas, stovetop smokers, remote thermometers, and finishes off with rub recipes for you to try. It’s an unbiased take targeted at consumers looking to get started.

wood_mesquite_chipsMesquite and Other Woods for Grilling and Smoking
Dave DeWitt’s article on smoker wood isn’t just a descriptor of how the various types of wood chips affect your food. It’s a mix of history, do’s, don’t’s, and ideas for good smoking, as well as creating your own flavor profiles using herbs in your smoking.

Barbecuing and Grilling with Flair
This piece by Nancy Gerlach is a great general introduction to rubs, marinades and sauces. She discusses which of those three does what and why, then offers information on how people use those preparations to get the proper results.

pelletPellet Cookers: An Outdoor Cook’s Best Friend
…and back to Mike Stines. Here, he talks a little about the history of pellet smokers, then goes into considerations any consumer should weigh: grill cost, pellet cost, advantages of pellet smokers. If you’re trying to choose a pellet smoker, you’ll want to read what he has to say about pellet smokers from seven manufacturers: Traeger, Yoder, Green Mountain, Mak Grills, Memphis, Rec Tek, Fast Eddy by Cookshack.

big_green_eggMastering Ceramic Cookers
Just as Mike Stines talks about pellet smokers so too does he fill us in on ceramic cookers like the Big Green Egg and its cousins. Herein he weighs the pro’s and con’s of these increasingly popular outdoor smokers.

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