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First Taco Bell Resort to Open in Palm Springs

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I have to hand it to your marketing team, Taco Bell, they’ve come up with some really fun ideas to get the word out but a Taco Bell Resort? That’s ambitious (although I’m a little surprised you haven’t come out with some sort of legalized marijuana tie-in like Carl’s Jr did, but I digress).

taco bell resort

Photo Credit: Taco Bell

Yes, college kids, gamers, and weed aficionados alike will have a limited-time-only getaway experience to indulge in their favorite late night go-to grub. A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort is opening for a limited run in Palm Springs this August. There will of course be menu items in all the hotel’s dining options, including room service and themed cocktails at poolside.
The fast food invasion lands for five days in August. The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort will be dressed up with Taco Bell swag—pool floats, fluffy bathrobes, and towels, among other things.
The resort’s salon will offer Taco Bell-inspired nail art, fades, and a braid bar, and a gift shop will be stocked with Taco Bell apparel too.
Reservations will be available in June; you can sign up for updates from Taco Bell here.

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