habanero guacamole

Hot News September 26 2019

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Slow news week in peppers and barbecue, folks. Y’all need to try harder; eat something far too spicy and go to to the hospital (no, really, don’t do that). But you get the point. This week’s Hot News is about canned barbecue sauce, mockamole, and barbecue going Swedish.
habanero guacamole

Takin’ It in the Can
We’ve seen beer barbecue sauce before but this is the first time a company has gone the extra mile and actually sold it by the can. Rufus Teague’s Can-O-Cue Barbecue Sauce is a collaboration between the sauce company and Boulevard Brewing Company. Here’s where you can get a 3- or 6-pack.

Holy Mockamole
Avocado addicts will pay through the nose for the stuff so they can have great guacamole; so much so that with avocado prices skyrocketing, chefs are scrambling to come up with cheaper substitutes. These Mumbai chefs gave their spins on mockamole. Would you try them?

Scandanavian Smokefest
Johan Fritzell’s Holy Smoke BBQ brings our favorite smoking habit to rural Sweden where it’s seen its share of popularity. Catch the whole story here.

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