Ask the Butcher: Yeah, There’s an App for That

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EE40C21F-94B8-4DDA-88D5-8E27955048BAAnthony Puharich comes from a long line of butchers. He’s also a leading wholesaler to many of Australia’s finest restaurants, co-owns Victor Churchill butcher shop, is the heart of Vic’s Meat Market Day, and is the voice of Ask the Butcher. That’s where you come in. He’s taken over twenty years of butcher experience and concentrated it into a smart phone app.

Proper cooking temps, cut information, recipes–they’re all here. It sounds like a great accessory for the home griller or carnivore any way you slice it.  And yes, that bad pun was no accident.

It’s a practical tool for the consumer butcher that helps you every step of the way, from picking the right cut of meat to recipes for it, how to cook it, and how to cut it properly after it’s done. You can check it out at the  Ask the Butcher website or Facebook page. It retails for $1.99 and features free updates.

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