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Cornferno: Is this the World’s Hottest Popcorn?

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When you claim to make “The Any-est Anything Ever” you better be able to back it up. People are going to test you. Pop Pop Shoppe claims its Cornferno is “The Hottest Popcorn. Ever.” After passing it around at a party and having eaten two big handfuls myself, I’m inclined to agree with that claim.

It might be hot enough to burn through that last bit of lead paint between your teeth you ate as a child. It’s definitely strong enough to dissolve most forms of hubris. Cornferno gets its heat from a capsaicin brute squad consisting of powdered Carolina Reaper, cayenne pepper, ghost pepper, habanero, chile peppers, and paprika. For as strong a heat as this stuff packs, you can still taste the tomato, onion, garlic, brown sugar, and cheddar cheese that give Cornferno its tasty flavor. Having said that, it’s not so much a snack food as it is a weapon-grade munchie. The popcorn is seriously hot. Don’t feed it to anyone looking for just a touch of eat. Cornferno is a bitch slap, not a caress.

Personally, I like it. My friends couldn’t stop talking about it and even the least spicy-inclined eaters enjoyed what they sampled. 

I don’t know if Cornferno is the world’s hottest popcorn but it’s damn sure the hottest I’ve ever eaten.

Cornferno handful

Two fistfuls of evil. Tasty, tasty evil.

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