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Grindhouse: Pasilla Peppers with Habanero Chorizo Stuffing

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Chorizo sausage is a great idea on paper, but it’s often a lousy idea in plastic. You’d think Mexican (or Spanish) spices and ground pork would be hard to mess up. Yet every time I bite into the grease-laden, second-class meat product from a plastic wrapper that passes for chorizo at my local supermarket, the maker finds new and exciting ways to disappoint me. That’s part of the reason I got my mitts on a Cabela’s Pro Series motorized meat grinder. The other was so I can make my own pepperoni, Christmas breakfast sausage, and ground bacon burgers, but that’s at least two other stories.

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Dave DeWitt on Cookstr

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While you’re there, take a look around. Cookstr does a great job of organizing some of the best cookbooks in the world and giving you quick access to their recipes on one easily searchable website. You can look recipes up by chef, ingredient, or recipe title. Each recipe also has stats for difficulty, prep time, and relative cost, to boot. The nutritional breakdown listed with the recipes is great information. It will not, however, assuage your guilt when you overindulge. You’ll just have to suck that up on your own, cupcake.