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Tacos al Pastor

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Tacos al Pastor are the best introduction to tacos to a rookie. They’re very popular on the street and easy to make at home. So far no one that I offered them to has disliked them. In the absence of a vertical grill, use a horizontal grill and cook in low heat. Tacos al Pastor Print Recipe Heat Scale: Mild …

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Basic BBQ Brisket How-To

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Barbecued brisket isn’t something to be taken lightly. Often, sure. Lightly, no. Perfect brisket will make you leave your spouse for it. It’s that serious. Let Fiery Foods Central’s Brisket: The King of Texas is a great starting point for smoking brisket the right way. If you’re feeling too lazy to reach all the way over to your mouse and follow the link, take a short cut and scroll down for a recipe excerpt on making terrific brisket on the smoker. Cooking brisket is not something done after coming home from work but is a great weekend cooking project.