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Jamaican Jerk Paste

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Jamaican jerk seasoning has spread throughout the Caribbean and is not just limited to Jamaica, obviously. This one not only works very well with pork or chicken, it’s also tasty on grilled fish.

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The Spice Wars

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During the Roman empire, the spice trade was dominated by the Arabs. Their ships sailed from the Red Sea to India, where they bought spices carried by Malay traders from the Spice Islands.

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Masker’s Yule Hog, Part 1: Home-Cured Christmas Bacon

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Apparently, two dozen gingerbread strippers and a bottle of cheap scotch wasn’t enough to buy Santa’s forgiveness last year. He did not provide the Big Green Egg I’d requested despite my generous bribe. I found plenty of fuel for an Egg in my stocking, though. This year I’m upping the ante. No jolly old elf can resist three different types of Christmas pork waiting on a plate. While I’m at it, I’ll share the recipes as I go along. If it works, maybe you can buy your naughty self into his good graces too. Christmas bacon seems like a good lead-in. Here’s how I’m going about it.