Reaper Cream Cheese: Burn! Tested

blogSomeone bottled a cliff's edge and named it Reaper Cream Cheese. By "someone" I mean International Society of Culinary Pyros. I met the stuff at this year's show and just had to bring it home to play with on the grill. Continue reading
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Precious Cargo Wins Major Book Award

cargoThe International Association of Culinary Professionals' (IACP) Cookbook Awards took place this Sunday in Washington, DC. Dave's Precious Cargo: How Foods from the Americas Changed the World was a finalist in the Culinary History category. Continue reading
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Chipotle Tapenade Burgers: Recipe

IMG_7521edited-300x224Allspice Cafe makes a tasty olive tapenade that goes great in ground beef for burgers. This version is a personal favorite I came up with that you may want to try for yourself. Overall, the spicy kick is on the mild side, which really lets you taste the rest of the tapenade. Continue reading
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7 Starter Bartending Tools for the Budget-Minded

While there are dozens of bar tools available from liquor stores to housewares, there are really only 7 tools that you need to get your home bar started, and most of them are very inexpensive, or at least have lower-priced alternatives. Here is a list of recommendations. Continue reading
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