Meet Charles Tanqueray: History in a Bottle

200px-Tanqueray_Gin_HDR_-_Feb_2013Gin mastermind Charles Tanqueray can be a mysterious player in the world of liquor. Nearly 200 years after he crafted one of the world’s most lasting booze brands, there are few details about Charles that follow his green barrel-shaped bottles around the world. In a phone interview, Tanqueray’s current Master Distiller Tom Nichol gave me some insight into the legendary man. Continue reading
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Chicken Wings with Asian Glaze

asian wings web 1I’m a big fan of chicken wings but not so much Buffalo-style wings so I thought I’d get creative for an upcoming cookout and add some sweet and spicy Asian-style glaze to steamed and baked chicken wings. (Of course, the wings could be deep-fried but deep frying is time-consuming and tends to get expensive unless you’re doing a bunch of wings or frying other things.) Continue reading
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Hot News

Spicy Hot Bhut Jolokia Ghost PeppersGhost peppers and rock music. That's this week's Hot News. It's short, but sweet. Happy National Hamburger Day. Continue reading
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Red Boats – Spicy stuffed peppers

roteboote_fertig1Stuffed chiles and peppers are among our favorites and new recipes with us often arise from ingredients that are right there - must still away - like last week before a trip. Sometimes this really great creations coming out, like here in our "Red boats" - long pepper with an upbeat potato and cheese filling. Highly recommended for your enjoyment! Continue reading
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