La Dolce Vita en Bardolino

Cocktails at the waterfront bars on Lake Garda at Bardolino.For the past few days we have been staying with our good friends Harald and Renate Zosche in their house beside Lake Garda in Bardolino, Italy. Here are some of the delicacies we've been indulging in. More goodies in next week's newsletter. Ciao! Continue reading
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Paella Pandemonium: Lodge’s 15″ Skillet

paella pan 1I don’t own a paella pan but recently discovered an alternative… the Lodge pre-seasoned 15-inch seasoned steel skillet. It can be used on induction, ceramic, electric and gas cooktops, in the oven, on the grill, or even over a campfire or fire pit. Continue reading
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Grilling With Liquor for Beginners

Plates on a table outside with man in backgroundAs I began to grill myself in my younger years, I encountered folks who had their own unique ways of using liquor to jazz up the meats they cooked. Still, many people never even bother trying to marinate, or otherwise beef up their….beef. So I thought I’d give 3 ways to marinating your meats with Grandpa’s Cough Medicine of various sorts, for a similar cost as your usual marinades. Continue reading
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Hot News

doritosClowns and roulette. Either I'm at Circus Circus in Vegas, or we've got a couple of bizarre items in this week's Hot News. You decide... Continue reading
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