satans blood hot sauce

Who Eats a Carolina Reaper Dipped in Hot Sauce and Shocks His Tongue?

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Andy Pack, that’s who. Eating a whole Carolina Reaper on video is bad enough (I’d know) but dipping it in Satan’s Blood first, followed by shocking your afflicted tongue with a bug zapper, REPEATEDLY, is really a next-level bad idea.

satans blood hot sauce

“No, souls, sir. Just the juice and cookies for donating.”

This is the sort of disregard for common sense that you’d think would at least win you concert tickets to see some former A-list band play their hits at a state fair somewhere.
But it doesn’t. All you end up with is someone who writes a blog turning your pain into a post to share with their readers. If you wish to witness Andy’s suffering for yourself, check it out here.

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