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Smoked Pumpkin with Kingsford Pellets

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Masterbuilt says I shouldn’t use wood pellets in my electric smoker but since rules are for bitches and people with common sense, I ignored that and put Kingsford Wood Pellets right into it. How? By smoking four sugar pumpkins in it per my annual autumn experimentation.

kingsford pellets

Prep is easy. Cut the pumpkin in half, stab it a lot all over with a barbecue fork, and go.

In this case, ignoring the directions was a pretty good idea. Wood pellets worked just fine in my ME30 smoker; from what I’ve read, the main concern Masterbuilt has seems to be with liability issues over the pellets catching fire if you put them in incorrectly. If you just load a small amount of them into the chip tube and put them like you normally would with chips, it works just fine.
kingsford pellets

If your pumpkin looks like this, you’ve done it right.

In fact, I’m actually digging the Kingsford pellets a lot more than wood chips. I seem to get a much cleaner smoke and I don’t need nearly so much refill, so often, to get that sweet smoky aroma going (10-20 pellets an hour worked great).
kingsford pellets
After 2 1/2 hours at 230 degrees F, all four pumpkins were perfectly smoked and ready for this year’s experiment: smoked pumpkin butter. I’ll share that recipe when it’s done but for now, here’s what I do for maple smoked pumpkin pie.

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