mendez hot sauce

Mendez Hot Sauce Now Available on Amazon

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Over a decade back, Rafael Mendez was on a fishing trip in Central Brazil, where he blended native malagueta chili peppers with some premium vegan ingredients to create a unique yellow hot sauce for his friends. I’m guessing it went over pretty well because millions of Brazilians have enjoyed Mendez’s hot sauce ever since.
mendez hot sauce
The huge demand for the malagueta peppers needed to make this yummy sauce created an opportunity to lift families out of poverty by providing farmland, agricultural training, and the guaranteed purchase of chile pepper crops near Rafael’s hometown of Anapolis, Brazil. Every 5,000 bottles of Mendez Hot Sauce sold gives decent work to a family for one year, thus accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals in Central Brazil. Getting Mendez Hot Sauce here in the U.S. of A just got a lot simpler thanks to a partnership with StartupRunner in New York City, which means you can snatch up a bottle to try on Amazon, here.

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