The 1-2 Jalapeno Key Lime Combo

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Every so often, life drops a good accidental discovery in your lap. One of my favorites was finding out how well Desert Gardens Jalapeno Lime Seasoning goes with Hot Licks Key Lime Jalapeno Olive Oil and just about anything you care to use them on.

desert gardens jalapeno lime rub
Rub Me Tender
In and of itself Desert Gardens Jalapeno Lime Seasoning packs a mild to medium heat, garlic, and a kiss of lime. At $5.50 a 5.4-ounce bottle, the price is pretty reasonable and I’ve used it on everything from beef to chick, pork, veggies, rice, and pasta. When I want more kick without more salt, though, that’s when it’s partner comes into play.

hot licks jalapeno lime oil
…And Lube it Up
Hot Licks Key Lime Jalapeno Olive Oil is my go-to for getting the Desert Gardens seasoning to adhere to meat and poultry as well as serving as the oil portion of a marinade involving both products. The oil alone is great as a mild flavoring for bread but it lacks the boldness of the seasoning. Put them both together and they make quite a team.

broiled new york steak
My latest use of the two was on a boneless New York steak. About an hour ahead of time, I coated it in the seasoning and the oil, then let it marinate for an hour before broiling for five minutes on each side. The result was really good and made me selfish; no way was I sharing any of it!

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