jamaican jerk oil review

Kasaito Jerk Seasoning Oil Review

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Ever since I made my first Jamaican Jerk Pork Chili a few years ago, I’ve played around more with Caribbean grilling. So when Kasaito graced us with its Jerk Seasoning Oil to review, I was a pretty happy camper. And I got happier after I tasted it.
jamaican jerk oil review
Chile oils aren’t new but they’ve been picking up steam recently in terms of popularity. People are experimenting with making them and dipping all kinds of things in them. My personal favorite is using the oils with pasta and rice dishes or as the oil component in a marinade to change the flavor profile a bit.

This Jerk Seasoning Oil added another tool to my chile oil repertoire, of course. Infused with allspice, smoked chiles, cloves, cinnamon, scallions, nutmeg, thyme, garlic and ginger, the Italian olive oil has no added preservatives or artificial flavors. All of those flavors stood forth when I tasted the oil on its own. That said, its heat level is on the mild side (but certainly present). I was okay with that; I’m not dipping bread into it trying to fry my mouth.
As I said, I’m more about incorporating flavored olive oils with other elements for things like marinades. In this case, I combined the oil with some coconut rum, salt, and a bit of mango to make a pork marinade. The results had a terrific mellowness to them and made for great eating when you want something to eat while you kick back and relax. Overall, I enjoyed this oil and look forward to testing out the other two flavors Kasaito sent us. Check out their website to pick up some for yourself.

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