barnacle foods kelp salsa

Barnacle Foods Kelp Salsa Review

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Kelp isn’t my first choice for salsa ingredients but Barnacle Foods makes it work pretty well. By which I mean, for a kelp product, it’s pretty un-kelpy. I picked up a jar of the Bonfire Hot Salsa to play with while I’m up here in Alaska and while you definitely taste some of the kelp in it, the flavor profile and texture are definitely those of a well-made salsa.
barnacle foods kelp salsa
There’s a stigma against kelp here in the USA for its slimy texture. None of that was evident in the Barnacle Foods salsa, though. Bonfire is Barnacle’s apex predator in the spicy department. They also offer a mild and a medium. In the flavor department, chipotle peppers give it some smoky goodness and a little heat, ramped up by cayenne, ancho, and African peppers. When the salsa hits your mouth, the slight smokiness greets your tastebuds first. A distinct garlic flavor and an acidity hit next, followed by a sweet ending. The texture is a good mix of fine chunks and liquid; it doesn’t go overboard in either direction.
kelp salsa
Overall, this is a good salsa if you want something different that’s also tasty. I tested with something simple this time: tortilla chips with melted cheese. Next time, I’m marinating some shrimp or fish with it and I’ll share the recipe and results when I’m done. You’ll find more of Barnacle Foods’ products here.

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