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Grill Interrupted

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More and more portable grills are hitting the market these days but how portable is too portable? At what point does creativity becoming over-thinking? I’ve seen one portable charcoal grill that folds down small enough to snug into a backpack. That’s because its base and lid are made of fire-resistant fabric so that it collapses down and folds up easily. I realize that makes it convenient to carry and it probably won’t catch fire but I question the durability of a grill made of cloth. I get that this is for people taking solo trips into the outdoors but you still need fuel, a fire source, and food. If minimizing weight on an excursion is a priority, do you really want to bring charcoal with you to fuel a portable grill? Or do you make use of wood near camp? And if you’re using said local wood for fuel, why do you need a portable grill? People have been cooking food over campfires literally since humans unlocked making fire.

For the same $149 the company wants you to shell out for fire-resistant cloth and a collapsible framework, you can get a fold-up grill, fire source, tongs, folding saw, seasoning, and still have money left for food.
And if you don’t know how to safely create a campfire, you probably shouldn’t be roughing it in the first place.

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