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Traeger Grills Election Campaign – Right Wing, Left Wing…Mmmm Wings

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Traeger Grills knows that politicians come and go but hot wings are always there for us. With a nation seemingly more divided than ever, there is one thing we can all agree on – the power of great food and those you hold closest to your heart; friends and family.  Traeger Grills and the Traegerhood has always shared a love for cooking and sense of community and camaraderie. Now more than ever, Americans need to understand and grasp a critically important message: EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE.

traeger grills

All in the name of great food, backyard grilling and enjoying time with loved ones, which are staples of our nations favorite pastimes that encapsulate what it means to be an American, Traeger is launching its own bipartisan election campaign focused on reminding people the importance of voting; whether you’re a left wing, right wing, or a chicken wing. The four-week campaign features billboards in Dallas, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City and will be pushed through all Traeger social channels.  Additionally, the community can check out the Traeger Election Page to print bumper stickers, yard signs, and find resources to vote in this year’s election. 

This creative approach to advocate the importance of voting while providing levity to a tense, yet extremely important election just weeks away, was developed with a light-hearted, all in fun nature to raise awareness and bring people together.

Please take a look the creative assets, which include “Less Donkeys and Elephants; More Cow and Left Wing, Right Wing; MMMMM, Wings,” we encourage you to share with friends, family, neighbors, or, if you’re so inclined, through any of your channels. Feel free to print the signs to place in your window or on your yard to show everyone you’re a part of the Traegerhood.

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