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leadWell, Halloween and life both decided to delay the news this last week, but we’re back on track. Partly because I was running these sugar pumpkins in my bullet smoker for Thanksgiving cooking, but that’s another story for later this month. Even though outdoor grilling and fall weather don’t agree with each other everywhere, a lot is still going on, like the two items we have for you this week. Especially if you’re a certain hot sauce with a chicken on your bottle…

sriracha copySriracha vs Irwindale: They’ve Come to Snuff the Rooster…
In case you haven’t already heard, Huy Fong, makers of Sriracha, locked horns with the City of Irwindale over the hot sauce factory Sriracha operates in that Southern California town. Over twenty people have complained about the smell and even breathing problems, allegedly caused by pepper fumes emitting from the hot sauce plant. Now, the Irwindale is suing Sriracha to close down the plant. It’s even made national TV news and the Los Angeles Times has full coverage you can read here.

logo-wfc2013 World Food Championships: Sin City Meets Fat City
I can’t wait for this year’s World Food Championships in Vegas (mostly because I’m judging barbecue one day and chili another). Between November 7-10, over 400 hardcore competitors, seven competitions, and a $300,000 prize pool will take over Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. The competitions are barbecue, chili, burger, sandwich, bacon, dessert, and recipe. This event is going to freakin’ huge and you can get more information from the official website here.

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