Brisket Shortage: Where’s the Beef?

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Wendy’s first raised that question in an `80s ad campaign. Now, though, pitmasters may be asking the same thing as they face sticker shock over a brisket shortage.

In Texas, Brisket prices have skyrocketed 60 percent in the last year, from $2.21 per pound to $3.52. Not only are there fewer briskets, the timing couldn’t be worse. Demand for the stuff is huge.

Between our economic recovery and the soaring popularity of Texas ‘cue, more Americans are serving up smoky beef. Droughts in ranch states (I’m looking at you, Texas and California) are forcing ranchers to thin their herds to their lowest levels in decades.

Higher prices may even attract thieves. A guy in Austin, Texas allegedly filched over $2000 in beef from 19 local supermarkets, according to law enforcement.


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