World’s Largest BBQ Pit Up for Sale

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Ebay/Terry Folsom

Ebay/Terry Folsom

For $350,000 you can buy what’s allegedly the largest barbecue pit in the world. Dubbed “Undisputable Cuz,” the monster meat smoker rests on Highway 290 in Texas. All you need is the winning bid on Ebay.

For some reason, shipping is $3.58 in the listing. I’m guessing that’s a tad off since this behemoth weighs 40 tons, is 76 feet long. It also sports 24 doors, a walk-in cooler with beer kegs on tap, and boasts 7 smoke stacks. Heat carries along the barbecue via a tube running its length. As for capacity, it’ll cook up to four tons of meat at a time. Unless you’re Jabba the Hutt, it’ll handle your appetite (and everyone else’s in ten block radius). This “pit” is so huge, it needs escorts and special permits just to move around.

It’s usually towed by Peterbilt 18-wheeler. For an extra $50,000 the owners will throw that in to the deal.





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