Hot Sauce Nabs Brain Tumor

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Ed Currie has his hands full of his Carolina Reaper's. (AP)

Ed Currie has his hands full of his Carolina Reaper’s. (AP)

Eating a Carolina Reaper hot sauce always gets a reaction. Tearing, life flashing before your eyes, and a sudden hankering for Pepto and ice cream are my go-to’s. In this case, however, a reaper sauce detected a brain tumor via seizure.

Randy Schmitz hit a Myrtle Beach, NC hot saucery, then hit the floor. Sample tasting Pepper Palace’s Flashbang sauce put him into a seizure. Normally this isn’t the desired outcome while eating anything, let alone hot sauce.

That lead to a trip to the hospital, then a brain scan, and finally, discovery. Namely, of a young malignant tumor on his frontal lobe. That put a slight kink in his vacation. After heading home to Illinois, he had the tumor removed. His last radiation treatment took place before his wedding.

There’s no way to know for certain if the hot sauce triggered Randy’s seizure. Hot sauce leads to sweating and excessive perspiration while dehydrated can give you a seizure. Having said all this, I’ll stick to doctor visits for cancer testing and leave my superhot pepper sauce for things like eggs and grilled chicken wings.

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