Barbecue 101: Tips from the Supersite

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1. Mesquite and Other Woods for Grilling and Smoking
Harald Zoschke and Dave DeWitt walk you through the best wood and how to play with it.  For barbecuing, anyway. If you need a refresher on what barbecue wood goes with which meat, this is the place to find it.


22. A Smoking Primer
To paraphrase Michael Corleone, “If history has taught us one thing, you can hot smoke anything.” Smoke cooking is a major time sink but we all know the rewards are well worth it. Mike Stines’ article on the basics of charcoal, gas, and stovetop smokers is a good primer for anyone looking to buy their first grill.

e3. Retro-Grilling
Dr. BBQ’s guide to themed summer barbecue parties gives you any excuse you’d need to fire up the grill and go to work. He also kicks down some great recipes for perfect classics like Beefeater martinis and porterhouse steaks.

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