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Clowns and roulette. Either I’m at Circus Circus in Vegas, or we’ve got a couple of bizarre items in this week’s Hot News. You decide…

doritosPlaying with Fire
Doritos has finally launched its Doritos Roulette chips in the US. The basic idea is that each handful of identical-colored nacho cheese chips contains one fire-breathing sleeper chip waiting to burn your piehole. You can get them in two different sizes across the country for a limited time. Check your local grocery store.

Clown Prince of Heart Disease-Approved

Clown Prince of Heart Disease-Approved

Quarter Pounder for a Quarter Benjamin
Some of us looked at McDonald’s “Create Your Taste” custom burger program and thought, “I’ll pass.” Moshe Tamssot thought, “Challenge accepted.” Starting with two quarter pound patties and an artisan bun, he crammed so much cheese, condiment, and topping onto his monstrosity that it weighed four pounds and set his wallet back just under $25. No, I don’t know if he Supersized it.

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