Tropic Thunder: CaJohn’s Amberfyre: Mango Suave Hot Sauce

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leadI met CaJohn’s Amberfyre: Mango Suave at this year’s Fiery Foods Show and finally had a chance to play with it earlier this week. The pork shoulder in my freezer was begging to be grilled. Going tropical with the puerco is always a good plan, so I paired them up to see if they’d make sweet fiery love over a pile of hot coals. And they did; especially after I made it a culinary threesome with some pineapple chunks on the skewers.

Mango Suave-412x570Mango Suave is a tropic mix of sweet and fire. It’s a blend of rum, mango juice, lime juice, vanilla extract, chiles, and cilantro. Heat-wise it falls on the high end of medium for me; the spicy kicks in on the end of each bite, right after a healthy hit of mango island flavor. CaJohn’s recommends using it with pork, shrimp, or chicken, although you’d also have great results brushing it over white fish. What surprised me a little, though, was just how well it teamed with the pineapple. I was a little worried that the combination of sweet mango hot sauce and pineapple would be sugar overload but that just wasn’t the case. In fact, the two were so good together that I coated the remaining pineapple in the sauce after dinner, then grilled it all in foil for dessert.

Overall, I really liked it. Each 5 ounce bottle runs $8. If you’re into bottled heat with a tropic twist, Mango Suave is a good way to go.


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