Update: AmberFyre Foods Under Sole Ownership

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Amberfyre FoodsMan, when I interviewed Amber Button and she told me she was merging her two food gigs into one with her the sole captain at the helm, I thought she meant “sometime down the line,” not “sometime later this week.” Here’s what she posted on her Facebook page earlier today:

“I am extremely proud to announce that AmberFyre Foods is now under my sole ownership!
I have been blessed with the industry’s best possible mentor on my spicy journey. I want to express my absolute gratitude to my friends John Hard and Sue Hard for all their hard work and guidance in this collaborative effort. I could never have come so far, so quickly without their expertise.

Going forward, I want to focus my full attention on building ONE strong brand. Therefore, I will be phasing out the Chicks & Salsa line and changing it’s branding/labels to be included under the AmberFyre Foods brand.

And don’t worry…! CaJohn’s will still be bottling my products, so all delicious recipes will remain exactly the same going forward.

Thank you to everyone for supporting my dream! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

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