Are Chiles and Longevity BFFs?

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Spicy Hot Bhut Jolokia Ghost PeppersIn the latest inconclusive scientific test alluding to the benefits of eating heat, spicy food was an indicator for longer life in over 500,000 Chinese people. The study does say that benefits are plausible but that no clear conclusion can be drawn. That’s because it was an observational exercise with no way to clearly establish cause and effect. In other words, for all the researchers know, the 10% longer lifespan indicated by spicy diet could just as easily be from sprinkling unicorn feces into their food, a margin for error, or some other common factor.

Having said that, and just now tried to buy unicorn poop at to increase my own longevity,

Taste the rainbow.

Taste the rainbow.

I’ll say that there are plenty of other studies extolling the health virtues of the spicy. Tests run a wide gamut from weight loss to fighting colon cancer. While this study may not be conclusive, good health and long life come from happiness in my opinion. Chiles provide plenty of that, so why wouldn’t they help chileheads live longer?

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